days to switch company secretary over to Futurebooks

Engage Futurebooks as your Singapore company secretary and enjoy the following benefits:

ESOP and founder shares documentation, including grants, vesting and buybacks
Swift handling of funding rounds including convertible notes, preference and treasury shares
Experience in handling complex structures, restructuring and jurisdictional flips

What you need to know when you switch company secretary over to Futurebooks

Once the engagement letter has been signed, Futurebooks will prepare a complete set of documentation within one (1) working day. These documents include:

  • Notice to existing Company Secretary from the Directors
  • Directors Resolution for resigning existing Company Secretary
  • Directors Resolution for appointing Company Secretary from Futurebooks.
  • Directors Resolution for Change of Registered Office (if applicable)

Once these documents are circulated to and signed by the relevant parties, we will:

  • Coordinate with your existing Company Secretary for their resignation letter
  • File the above changes on ACRA, and
  • Coordinate with your existing Company Secretary to take over all physical and digital company files they are holding.

We ensure that the whole process is swift and easy for everyone involved.

We will scope the work and provide you with a fee estimate. We will also liaise with ACRA to possibly waive off  or reduce any penalties.

If requested, we can also perform a detailed Company Secretarial due diligence exercise, with a view to identifying any incorrect or missing documentation or lodgments prior to our takeover.

Futurebooks Singapore Pte. Ltd. is a registered corporate service provider, regulated by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA), under the license number FA20102488.

Futurebooks provides up to two named company secretaries for each company so that even if one company secretary is travelling, the other is available for signature requests.

The Company Secretaries Futurebooks provides:

  • Meet the requirements as specified in Section 171 of the Companies Act
  • Are Qualified Individuals registered with ACRA

For clients who are expecting a steady volume of corporate exercises such as ESOPs grants, vesting, buybacks etc., we can custom design retainer engagements.

The advantage of such Company Secretarial retainers are discounted rates, and predictability of costs.

As per Section 142 and 143 of the Companies Act, your company’s registered office address is an address open to the public, for not less than 3 hours a day, during ordinary business hours on each business day. This address is where government notification and registered mail such as legal notices can be sent to the company.

It is recommended, but not required, to have Futurebooks registered address of 28 Bukit Pasoh Road Singapore 089842 as your registered address when we are acting as your Company Secretary. If you do choose to take up our registered address service, daily scanning of postal mail received into a designated email or DropBox is included at no additional fee.

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Our services All-in Fees (USD) Timeline
Switch of Company Secretary

  • Resolution authorizing e-signatures and e-documentation for the company in compliance with Electronic Transactions Act (Cap. 88)
  • Resolution resigning existing company secretary, and all related lodgements.
  • Takeover of files from existing Company Secretary
FREE 3 days
Named Company Secretary

  • 2 x Qualified Individuals for your company
  • Maintenance of Capital Table
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) documentation
  • ACRA fees for annual return lodgement
per year
Registered Office Address

  • Daily mail scanning
  • Cheque deposit
  • Process agent
per year
Company Secretarial Due Diligence
Back in time for each year the company has been operational:

  • Vetting Directors and Shareholders Resolutions prepared
  • Vetting Lodgements with ACRA
  • Suggesting remedies for missing or incorrect resolutions, share certificates or lodgements
  • Compliance Certificate issued by the Company Secretary
Starts 690 
per year
6 days
Company Secretarial Retainer

  • All corporate exercises during the year
  • Maintenance of Register of Controllers and Nominee Directors
  • Everything in Named Company Secretary as above
Starts 790

per month

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