Expensify’s hottest feature: Wingman

Mar 11

Expensify’s hottest feature: Wingman

According to Expensify, this feature had many on the waiting list for years. Just like fashionistas who can’t wait to get their hands on a Chanel Boy.

Wingman, in its literal sense, means a partner, someone on the “inside” that you can count on.

This feature allows you to grant someone else access to your account so they can do your reports for you.

Yes we feel your elation, directors.

CEOs and managers who don’t have time to do their expense reports themselves can now task their assistants to do it for them.

Delegated access

Your Wingman will have full access to your account. Anything that you can do and see in your Expensify account, your Wingman can as well.

Your Wingman is not considered an extra submitter. If your company is on the Team or Corporate plan, there are no additional charges. The Wingman is only considered an active user if they submit their own reports.

Adding a Wingman

To add a Wingman, navigate to the account tab of your account settings. Scroll down to ‘Wingmen: Delegated Access’, enter the email address of your Wingman, and click ‘Invite Wingman’.


If your Wingman already has an Expensify account, they will receive an email notification of granted access to your account from within their own. If they don’t, a link will be provided to create one.

Track check

Security is inevitably a concern, despite having someone you trust on the inside.

Therefore, any actions your Wingman takes while in your account, will be recorded in the report history section of the report.

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