What you’ve learned from our events this autumn

Nov 17

What you’ve learned from our events this autumn

How to optimize your PIC claims? Is cloud accounting mature enough to be adopted in an SME? What documents your company has to have for an investor coming? These are some of the questions we’ve answered in our events this autumn. For those who didn’t have a chance to join us, here is a recap of the sessions.

We’ve put together presentations and photo- and video-recordings from the events. Look through and let us know if you’ve missed a session you’d like to attend:

  Investor coming: Rescue needed. SOS

  Fly paperless with cloud finance

  Cloud finance appreciation

  Filing company tax and PIC claims: Introduction

  Filing company tax and PIC claims: Intermediate

If you have any questions on the topics covered below, there is a comments session below for you to post it.

Investor coming: Rescue needed. SOS

Following our summer session on the topic, we’ve discussed what secretarial documents every startup has to have, what bookkeeping reports have to be prepared for an investor and what how to plan about a rescue if it’s all a mess.

The answers were prepared by our Compliance Practice Lead Kirti Ayush, a Chartered Secretary, and our Accounting Practice Lead Neethu Stephen, a Chartered Accountant.

While preparing to receive an investment, whether seed, bridge or series A, it pays to remove potential obstacles. Getting a company secretarial (compliance) rescue or bookkeeping rescue is a step in that direction.

The session was conducted at Plug-in@Blk71 on the 18th of September. Plug-in@Blk71 and NUS Enterprise are our regular events partners, and we’d like to take this chance to say thanks to them. Here you can find our photo minutes of the session.

(Event wrap) Investor coming: Rescue needed. SOS [Plug-in, 18 September 2014]

Fly paperless with cloud finance

Futurebooks is a member of the British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. On September 25th, we held our first session together with BritCham – an overview for Singapore startup owners, SME directors and investors on how to think about cloud finance, and what can be automated.

The session has covered how to cloudify an SME’s bookkeeping. Namita Sethi, our Managing Consultant and a Certified Practising Accountant from Australia, spoke about problems of bookkeeping today, useful applications to master and adopt, and the necessity for standard operating procedures.

The session took place in Shangri-La Hotel. It was a pleasure to organise the event together with the BritCham team. Here is a short video-recap:

Cloud finance appreciation

This was a closed session for ideasinc teams. ideasinc is a 10-months startup capacity building program by NTU Nanyang Technopreneurship Center.

Continuing our last session for the teams when we discussed company setup and revenue modelling, this time we spoke about bookkeeping basics.

The event was held on September 27th at SCAPE by our Managing Partner George Mathew. All the 13 teams have now gone through their first half of the ideasinc program. We wish them success in finishing the program and continuing business on their own.

Filing company tax and PIC claims: Introduction

As the tax season was coming, we have started a series of events on corporate tax on October 16th. Our first session covered a brief overview of the corporate taxation process in Singapore, as well as introduction to the Productivity & Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme.

Our Accounting Practice Lead Neethu Stephen and a Senior Consultant Sarang Mandke, both Chartered Accountants, have shared valuable insights on preparations for tax filing and applying for PIC.

The session was conducted on October 16th at Plug-in@Blk71. Here are some photo minutes of the event.

Filing company tax and PIC claims: Intermediate

In November, we’ve continued with an intermediate tax session. This time, we concentrated on tax planning basics and PIC claims optimization.

It was probably one of the best sessions we’ve prepared so far. We put together tips on tax planning from the company formation stage, as well as advice on choosing PIC benefits.

The session took place in Plug-in@Blk71 on November 13th. Chartered Accountants George Mathew, our Managing Partner, and Sarang Mandke, a Senior Consultant from our Accounting team, answered many tricky questions on Singapore corporate tax. Main takeaway: “Business first. Tax second.”

See photographs from the event here.

Upcoming events

Futurebooks conducts regular public events for Singapore startup community. You can always check what’s coming up next on our Events page. Hope to see you on one of the sessions soon!

Thank you, Jackie

We wanted to say a big thank you to our event photographer Jackie Tan for the great photo and video minutes of all our events!


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