Hours to incorporate your Cayman Islands company

Incorporate a Cayman Islands company with Futurebooks and enjoy the following benefits:
Taxation and accounting expertise for Cayman Islands
Company Secretarial expertise for Cayman Islands – preferences shares, convertible notes
Electronic identity documentation – no courier and notary
Electronic signatures – shareholders need not travel
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Our services Fees (USD)
Bare Cayman Island Incorporation Package 

  • Model constitution – Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Incorporation with Cayman Islands Registry Of Corporate Affairs
  • Issuance of share certificates
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Self-inked company stamp
  • Registered address in Cayman Islands
  • Registered agentin Cayman Islands
  • Register of Directors
  • Inclusive of all government fees
One-time payment
Bonus Inclusion

  • Perpetual safe hold of your Cayman Islands corporate documents in Singapore
The Essentials
Nominee Director – Highly recommended service for privacy

  • Corporate nominee director in Cayman Islands
  • Signing on official documents as Director
Per year
Company Secretary

  • Corporate Secretary officially appointed on Registry of Corporate Affairs
  • Recommended add on
Per year
Add Ons
Bank Account Opening

  • With any of the top 3 Singapore banks
  • Open within 96 hours
One-time payment
Certificate of Incumbency (COI)

  • Official COI signed by Registered Agent
  • Certification Letter by Company Secretary
  • Required for bank account opening
One-time payment
Singapore Mailing Address

  • Regular scanning of bank mails and business correspondence
Per year
Cayman Islands Company Renewal

  • Company license renewal
  • Registered Agent renewal
  • Registered Address in Cayman Islands
  • Inclusive of government fees
Per year

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FAQs on Cayman Islands incorporation

Why incorporate an offshore company, specifically Cayman Islands?
Cayman Islands has long been established as one of the popular jurisdictions for offshore businesses to set up due to its stable government, a well-developed common law and its strong emphasis on privacy. It is also one of the very few offshore centres that is approved by the Singapore Stock Exchange for public listings in Singapore.
Privacy concerns when setting up a Cayman Island company
There is full privacy to setting up a company in Cayman Islands as details of the directors and officers submitted to the Registrar are not available to public inspection. While the company is required to lodge its Annual Returns, this does not disclose details of the directors or members. Nominee Director service is available to ensure the confidentiality of beneficiary owners.
What do I need to prepare for the incorporation of my company in Cayman Islands?

  • Identify at least one director and shareholder
  • Corporate directors are allowed
  • Proof of identification and address of all company officers

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